• We have very good and strong walls of the premises.
  • Installed CCTV Cameras all over the School premises and we ensure that they are functional at all times.
  • We ensure that the supporting staff is employed only from authorized agencies and proper records are maintained.
  • Constitute parent-teacher-students committee to address the safety and security needs of the students and to take regular feedback from parents in this regard.
  • Closely monitor access to school buildings by outsiders and visitors.
  • Provide training and development for staff to address their responsibilities to protect children from any form of abuse.
  • Premises and rooms well-lit and ventilated
  • All electrical wiring is concealed or insulated.
  • Fire extinguishers installed in schools.
  • Mock fire drills conducted regularly.
  • Emergency contact numbers and lists of persons to be contacted are displayed on the notice board.
  • The Transformer and Generator are located in safe areas, well maintained and kept under lock.
  • Drains, sumps, bore wells and overhead tanks in the school are closed.
  • The school has a proper system for disposal of waste and garbage
  • Benches, desks are sturdy and are made of wood, mould plastic, have round edges and are not broken.

  • There is a proper facility for safe drinking water with an adequate number of water taps for all the students, located at convenient points within the building.
  • There is no water logging in the area.
  • Water filter/purifier is available.
  • Water quality is tested periodically.
  • The school has separate functional toilets for boys and girls.
  • Number of toilets is in proportion to the number of students.
  • Hygiene of the toilets is maintained.
  • All disinfectants and cleaning materials are kept away from the reach of the children.
  • The sports room is well ventilated and well equipped.
  • The school playgrounds, and sports-equipment are safe and maintained regularly.
  • All vigilance and monitoring mechanisms in the school infrastructures to be installed as per directions of appropriate regulating authority.
  • The access to school building by outsiders/visitors is controlled and monitored, and visitors’ register maintained very strictly and diligently by the security personnel /admin.
  • There is a designated waiting place for visitors to the school.
  • The school has a first aid kit with required supplies for emergencies which are within the expiry period.
  • Health Education to students on health issues including balanced diet, nutritious alternatives to junk food, regular eating habits, personal hygiene etc. are provided.


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