Our Campus

We are an intercultural school, and we recognise and celebrate the varied experiences and erudition of our students in the classroom.

  • Facilities that for the growth
  • A robust and resident safety programme
  • A 33, 000 sq. feet campus surrounded by the lush green nature and a canal park
  • A structure planned for 8 floor lands.
  • In the planned vicinity of facilities like the Hockey stadium, Basketball court, and Pune’s international exhibition and convention centre.
  • Regular background check from the respective authorities.
  • Hygienic washrooms for boys and girls and as per the ratio of the National Building code.
  • Water quality is tested periodically
  • Furniture used as per anthropometric requirements for students.
  • Effective and material well suited for students building services as per the guidelines.

Computer Lab

  • We have 20 Computer systems with a well-equipped and upgraded system.
  • We have 50 MBPS Optical Fibre leased line internet connection with wifi facility in the campus.
  • Relaxed seating chairs for each child.
  • 1:1 ratio for accessing the system.
  • Installed with all softwares which are required for the Academic.
  • Protected with firewalls and security systems.

Science Laboratories

  • The school is equipped with the state of the art Science laboratories wherein the students can explore their theoretical knowledge by conducting practical experiments.
  • Hands-on experience helps their scientific bent of mind preparing them for practical learning.
  • The Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and the Biology Lab provides the perfect environment for the students to explore, analyse, experiment and discover different concepts and theories of Science.
  • All the experiments are conducted under the supervision of a professional following all the safety procedures.
  • In addition, safety posters are displayed in all labs to ensure an educational and safe experience when working in the labs

Maths Lab

  • The Maths Lab offers Multiple Teaching and Learning aids which helps students to understand the concepts of mathematics in a simplified and logical way through experiential learning.
  • It provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations
  • There is scope for individual participation making students become autonomous learners at his/ her own pace.


  • We have a collection of different categories of books starting from Nursery to all the grades.
  • The various genres include Science, Fiction, History, and Technology to name a few.
  • Library books will be available on allotted days through the librarian.
  • Home lending of library books is permitted for students from Grade 1 onwards.
  • Failing to return the book on the specified date is liable to a penalty of Rs.5 per day.
  • Damaged or a lost book must be replaced by a new book or the amount equivalent to the market price of the book has to be paid.
  • We have introduced an online library “EPIC Library” for students so that students' learning is continued in this pandemic situation.


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