Dheeraj Memorial Foundation's Dheeraj International School, Pune is established with the vision of creating a knowledge society where academic excellence with life values fosters the ability to face and conquer life challenges. The school functions with the mission to provide children a child centric environment which recognizes that every child is unique and will bloom to his / her potential. To make our children good citizens of the world and above all good human beings enriched with good moral values and social etiquettes.Our development programmes consist of our responsibility to nurture and develop every student to prepare them for the life ahead. They are continuously encouraged to appreciate our diverse society to care for others as civilised citizens and develop concern and respect for the environment. Along with the pursuit of academic excellence, our thrust is on providing a value-based education. We believe in an education system that gives importance to compassion, modesty, respect, integrity, discipline and positive thinking which help students grow as good citizens of our country. Our staff are qualified, credentialed and passionate about what they do.

They seek pride and satisfaction in a child’s development, feeding their inquisitiveness in an ever-increasing orb of knowledge. The hard work, dedication and sincerity of the School Management, Administrative staff,Teaching, and Non-Teaching help the students to achieve success, scholastics and co-scholastic challenges with flying colours.We thank our partners, the parents, for believing in and unfailingly supporting the school, acting on the principle of trusteeship for the benefit of the school and taking the school and its students to greater heights with every passing year.


Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Creating a knowledge society where academic excellence with life values fosters the ability to face and conquer life challenges. Collaborate & compete in a global economy with strong skills.


Our Mission

To empower diverse talent from around the country, so as to create an environment of collaborative, creative & resilient learners dedicated to realizing their full potential.


Our Motto & Philosophy

Our only motto is "Scripting Your Child's Success"
Promoting education across all branches and sectors, thus promoting a holistic learning experience that extends beyond classrooms.


Our Values

We have 4 values i.e.

  • Human Dignity,
  • Integrity,
  • Excellence,
  • Global Citizen


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