We use the CBSE assessment pattern for integrated assessment of the students including consideration of unit tests, projects, lab practicals and attendance.

At DIS, our attention is on what our students are learning along with the skill sets they are acquiring, thus it becomes important to strengthen current Assessment and Evaluation Practices and align them to the future requirements of the learners.
DIS has always stressed that its students must acquire the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, analysing information, effective communication, developing curiosity and imagination as part of the learning process. At DIS we aim at assessment of learning that must be augmented with assessment as learning and assessment for learning. In view of the above, School Based/ Internal Assessment is strengthened by incorporating more diverse strategies. Students here have to attend different types and formats of questions in the year end/Board examination, so that a large range of learning outcomes can be assessed.

Assessment Calendar 2022-2023


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