Pre Primary Level

The Pre-primary level consists of Nursery, Junior Kindergarten (LKG) and Senior Kindergarten (UKG). The aim at DIS is to provide our students with the opportunity to develop skills. That include self- awareness and teamwork. Child kits are provided with teaching aids, Worksheets and Booklets that give a complete hands-on experience to the students as these years are the most crucial years that act as a foundation for the future development. Hence, it is imperative to include a blended curriculum that is theme based and concept based providing pre-schoolers the holistic approach to learning and development.
The main focus areas of development are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Mathematical and Logical Development, Environmental Awareness, Fine and Gross Motor Development and Creative Development. The teaching strategies involve individual work, small group activities, and whole group instructions. Every child has his/her own learning style and comprehension level. Keeping this in mind, our teaching methodology is structured to tailor the needs of the students. An integrated program is followed wherein core subjects like English, Mathematics, Hindi, Environmental Awareness, and Self-Awareness are integrated with subjects like Art and Craft, Technology, Dance and Music along with Activity based learning for the achievement of the learning objectives of the students.

Primary School Level

The Primary level includes Grade 1 through Grade 5.The subjects formally introduced at this level are English, Hindi, Math, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Science, Foreign Language and Social Science.Here we focus on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills The integrated learning concept along with experiential learning and blended learning form the basis at this level. It aims not only at engaging the learners but also nurturing their social, emotional and physical growth. Hands on experience curbs the curiosity of the students along with the development of their contextual and conceptual knowledge, preparing them to become lifelong learners.
At DIS, each student is treated as an individual who has his/her own way of learning and so we have a comprehensive curriculum of excellence with a global edge that accommodates diverse learning needs of students and makes teaching learning a joyful experience for students and teachers. Age appropriate learning opportunities coupled with co-curricular activities and the most modern infrastructure support teaching learning in all the schools. The schools look after the diverse needs of the different children and help them achieve the best as per their capacity and potential.

Middle School Level

The Middle School consists of Grade VI to VIII. We always believe that our students must become the best they can and in what they can. The progression from Elementary to Middle School curriculum is smooth. Learning becomes more specific with diversification of subjects as per the prescribed syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education. The curriculum develops learner's skills and understanding in Mathematics, English, Science and Social Science which becomes the base for higher education.
Subject teacher specialists create a learning environment conducive to a transformative learning process, in which students develop Conceptual and Contextual understanding through experiential learning wherein their minds are developed to have a practical approach by doing and hands- on experiments which later helps them to solve real life problems. Teachers act as facilitators, guiding the students to set their own goals and encouraging them to show their learning through tests, quizzes, presentations, and portfolios.


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